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The UB Cross Country/Track & Field Camp

The UB XC and T&F Annual Summer camp is in it's 16th year, offering excellence in skill instruction, practice time and one-on-one work to improve technique, and extra sessions on mental toughness, nutrition, and strength training.  All girls and boys, ages 12 - 18, novice to elite level are welcome to attend and learn!  

CROSS COUNTRY and MIDDLE DISTANCE CAMP GOALS: Basic form mechanics will be taught and evaluated. Basic physiology of the energy systems will be covered. Training and preparation for racing three seasons (XC, indoor, outdoor) will be discussed, along with strategies for effective racing at the different distances. Steeple Chase training and technique will also be covered.
HIGH JUMP CAMP GOALS: Campers will learn the basic mastery of the high jump approach, take-off, and landing. Various drills will be taught to improve performance. Plenty of hands-on practice time will allow thorough input by coaches leading to improvements.
HORIZONTAL CAMP GOALS: We will begin with sprint mechanics, teaching form for top level sprinting. Approach and take-off will be taught, along with various drills to learn and/or improve the camper’s LJ and TJ.
POLE VAULT CAMP GOALS: Each camper will learn the keys to a successful approach, learning steps, adjustments, and practicing short & long approaches. Techniques will include approach, form in the air, and basic biomechanical principles.
SPRINT & HURDLE CAMP GOALS: The goal of the Sprint & Hurdle camp is to teach sprint mechanics, starting blocks, acceleration phase, and racing. Campers may choose to do hurdles (not required) where technique of both the high hurdles and intermediate hurdles will be taught. Forms Drills, Lead-up drills, and extensive practice will be used to teach and evaluate each camper. Weight room training to enhance performance will be discussed.
THROWS CAMP GOALS: Shot put and discus throws will be covered, which includes drills and technique evaluation through film review. Weight Room practice will include the explosive lifts, and learning proper form for effective performance.

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