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2018-07-22 - 2018-07-27 2018 Central Wisconsin Cross Country Camp

 A note from Coach Solinsky:   "I am incredibly passionate about the sport of track and field and specifically distance running.  My hope is to spread that passion to anyone that attends the camp while also sharing any variety of the experiences I have been lucky enough to have during my time in the sport.  There have been many valuable experiences both positive and negative that lead to shape a love for the sport that have brought me from a kid that did not want to run to someone that has made a career in the sport and a lifelong runner.  My aim is to impart some of the important lessons on those that attend the camp, while giving tips for training and developing a mental edge for competitions."    

This camp is centered around a strength-oriented approach to running, while consistently touching on speed or speed drills to improve or maintain running efficiency. Chris Solinsky has a belief that a successful distance athlete is one that finds a volume that not only challenges them, but also one that they can do consistently.  If there is one secret in distance running it is that there are no secrets, but the key to success is safely pushing the limit consistently over time - this is what allows athletes to become so aerobically strong and to compete with the best!  

Reviews & Comments

  • nikerunningcamps 2018-03-26
    He really liked the guest speakers and enjoyed having Molly Seidel as his running leader. He said she was really awesome and really fast! He liked the food at camp and he's a picky eater. He didn't attend camp with another friend but met a lot of really fun guys there and had average time. He said everyone was really nice. The times they spent running challenged him which was good because it gave him confidence in his running ability.
  • nikerunningcamps 2018-03-14 Expired Rating
    Being the youngest in the group, my son knew he wouldn't be the fastest, which he is used to being. The competition was great. He liked all the free time activities, as well. Chris Solinsky answered all my questions and was so pleasant to talk to. Loved the meet on Thursday morning and seeing all the campers cheer on everyone else. Overall, a really fun environment and my son learned a lot. He'll be back next year!

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