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  • grayfamily 2016-03-19
    Pat Manson's Elite Immersion Pole Vault Camp definitely offers the dedicated athlete the opportunity to improve! With the small group, each athlete receives the individual attention with Pat's expert teaching, positive coaching & professional experience. There's a wide variety of fun activities like gymnastics, trapeze and lake pole vaulting in the backdrop of beautiful Boulder Colorado. My daughter has attended Pat's camp for the last two summers. She appreciates the encouraging atmosphere that allows her to train with other athletes who share the love of pole vaulting. She enjoys the commradery of friends throughout the country as she continues her high school career. Pat truly inspires her to be the best vaulter she can be!
  • lisaspitz 2016-03-17
    My daughter attended Pat Manson's pole vault camp the last two summers. (The above review is Josie but it has my login name.) His family hosts four to five athletes per camp. His wife Amy is also quite a decorated distance runner and has been to the olympic trials for the 5k and marathon. I know there are many coaching accolades that would go to her as well! Pat still holds the high school colorado pole vault record, which his son will try to beat in the next few years and he is the number one freshman in the country for pole vault right now. I know Pat competed in two olympic trials, and you can see his 1996 olympic trials attempt on you tube with his name. He tied for third but was forth by misses. Pat is one of the most positive coaches I have ever observed! He can break down every piece of pole vault. There is almost no way an athlete would not come out of his camp improved. They also get to do lots of other pole vault activities that involve gymnastics, the trapeze, and lake pole vaulting. Another benefit is that a lot of the time athletes fly in from other states and the kids make new pole vault friends that they usually follow on social media. I highly recommend this camp to new to elite pole vaulters.
  • lisaspitz 2016-03-17 Expired Rating
    Pat Manson's camp was one of the most beneficial and fun camps I've ever been to. Him and his family were great hosts and made you feel really welcome. The pole vault sessions are great, but you also get to do fun activities around Boulder that really make the camp an overall great experience!

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