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Tim Mack is the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in the pole vault.  

Tim grew up in Westlake, Ohio and went to St. Ignatius.  He went from not making it to the State track meet,  to winning Olympic Gold with an Olympic Record 19'6 1/2".

You will learn important stretches and running drills important for pole vaulters that you should do everyday.  You will then learn drills for every stage of the year that you can use to improve your pole vault technique.  From sand pit drills, to takeoff drills, swing drills, swing/turn drills.  You will also learn drills to learn how to start bending the pole or bending the pole more efficiently. You will learn that the pole vault is a sequence of events that must occur to complete a jump.  You will also learn many other ways/drills/exercises that you can do everyday to improve your vault.
Tim tries to keep the numbers in the clinic smaller than most clinics so you get the most personal attention. 

These clinics are for beginners and experienced vaulters.  You get a balance of learning all these basic drills/exercises and getting a chance to go back and jump from a longer approach (if you are ready).  

Just go to  to find out more and how to sign up.   

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