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  • 6-day camp costs less than most 5-day camps.
  • Off-campus retreat during team weeks.
  • Run on beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain trails.
  • Soak in on-campus or mountain streams.
  • Cool days and mild nights make training a pleasure.
  • Individualized weekly mileage, training pace, and goal setting.
  • Team and individual challenge courses to improve team dynamics and motivation.
  • Special Coaching Clinics, Coaches Social
  • Group runs in the afternoon. In the morning you choose from a run, circuit training, yoga, pilates, tai-chi, or weights.
  • Interaction with runners of all levels from beginners to state champions.
  • Planned recreation and free time in Brevard College facilities; dances, games movies, picnics, waterfalls and other interesting places.
  • Meyers Dining Hall offers delicious all-you-can-eat meals.
  • Living quarters are various dormitories on campus.
  • We are the camp all others emulate!

Reviews & Comments

  • Kirklandl 2016-07-26
    This camp was great! It was my first time going and I already can't wait until next year. There is so much to do and the camp gives you great activities where you're doing something basically all day. The food is pretty good too and you can eat all you want. Definitely worth the money
  • Blake_F7 2015-12-07
  • Bella101802 2015-09-27 Expired Rating
    I loved this camp. I can't wait to go back next year. So many different trails and runs to go on! I just began my season and all ready I have some great PR's.
  • megh123 2015-08-05
    This was my second year at Brevard and it was amazing as the first. The food this year was pretty good and the trails were really exciting! We met so many other teams that were so nice and the activities were loads of fun (dodgeball was hilarious). The runs are intense but so worht it to train for cross country, after Brevard i went from a 25 min 5k to 21 min. It really changed my whole mentality to running and i love it. Can't wait for next year!!
  • LACoach 2015-08-05
    I came here as a coach with my teams for many years before becoming a staff member. This camp is the best; I believe in it 100%. They look to build the whole runner, not just "turn kids loose on the trails and then have them fend for themselves all day". The great trails and awesome views are a given. What really impresses me are educational opportunities for runners to learn about their craft, and the opportunities for teams to interact in the famous "challenge courses". As a coach it was a no brainer to take my team back each year. As a staff member, I encourage others to give it a shot. I believe you'll find what I found.
  • PolkCounty 2015-08-05
  • Lyndsay 2015-08-05
    I came to this camp for four years as a high schooler, then four years as junior staff, and I just finished my fourth year on senior staff. I absolutely love this camp and its staff!! The trails are incredible and there are many team building activities, speaking sessions, and other events to keep you busy. I highly recommend this camp to any high schoolers and teams looking for a great week of running and growing in the sport!
  • Benarsenault_ 2015-02-17
  • coachtoby 2014-10-22
    I had heard about Brevard Distance Camp from a couple of other coaches. One of the coaches had gone there years ago when it was then known as the Florida Distance Runners Camp. Myself and 1 other coach took 8 of our team members to the camp. It was the best experience for all of us. They kept each athlete busy all hours of the day in activities that built team unity. We are so impressed that we plan to attend again next year.
  • margaretpadams 2014-10-07
    Brevard is the BEST camp. I met so many other distance runners from all over the US, and made bonds that can never be broken! There is such a variety in activities you can participate in when you aren't running. It is in such a beautiful place as well. The staff is great and so kind and always is looking out for your safety! The trails are great and definitely gets you some hills to run on, and its great for conditioning. The trails are long though, so be prepared to at least run 5 miles on a trail. There are breathtaking views so it is worth it. The camp has AMAZING food and always varies in a lot of things. Its the best thing coming in from a run and getting to eat all the food you want. I would definitely suggest going to Brevard. It is worth the $, and it is reasonably priced for the amount of days you spend there! Fun fun camp
  • dcloe 2014-09-14
  • Anonymous
  • Nicole
    The best running camp ever!! I have gone all 3 years of high school and will be going again with my team for my last year and can't wait! We look forward to BDRC every year!
  • Anonymous
  • Coach Allan Gibson
    I have been to the Brevard Distance Runners Camp with my teams eight times and plan to go this summer. The experience there is nothing short of fantastic. It is the center piece of our summer training. Norman and Nancy Witek and staff do an excellent job, the trails are the best, the activities they plan for the runners are educational, challenging and fun. The "all you care to eat" cafeteria is awesome. The camp goes a day or two longer than others of similar price and worth every penny. You won't be disappointed with this choice.

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