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COHIPAC Distance Camps are where the High Octane Funs Begins.  Based in the rugged backcountry of Colorado's high peaks regions, runners will spend a week camping at the base of some of Colorado's magnificent 14,000 ft peaks. We will camp at elevations above 10,000 ft and will run, swim, do yoga and core in three daily sessions.  During each day, campers will also learn about healthy nutrition, training cycles, and the mental aspects of training and racing.  Led by notable Durango Head XC and T&F coach, Coach Mac, himself a collegiate All American in track and XC and a sub-4 minute miler (in his day!), this camp will push you to the limits and reward you with camaraderie, great workouts, and stellar preparation for the upcoming XC season - while the others sleep, you will run above 14,000ft!

Session 1: June 21 - 25, 2014 - Collegiate High Peaks High School Distance Running Camp. Based near Buena Vista Colorado, this camp will include running up Mts. Columbia, Harvard, Belford, Antero, and Yale in the Sawatch Range and Collegiate Peaks Wilderness areas. The camp is for high-school-aged runners with high altitude trail running experience.

Session 2: July 28 - August 1, 2014 - Durango High Peaks Middle School Camp (Gr 6-8). Based near Durango, this camp is for middle school runners with some high altitude experience (running above 7,000 ft.). This camp will include, weather dependent, running up 14,000 ft+ peaks Handies, Sunshine, and Redcloud peaks in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado.

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  • ggianniny 2013-03-14
    I ran at this camp last year, and it was amazing! The scenery was beautiful, the coaches were helpful, and the other athletes were dedicated and fun to be around. I would recommend either of the camps coming up this summer to any dedicated runner who wants to have fun and improve their times, whatever their sport. At camp, we ran quite a bit (obviously), but also spent some important time bonding with our fellow runners and coaches. Speaking of, the head coach for these camps is simply amazing! He knows exactly how to address the needs of each runner and how to make everyone feel like part of the team. After just a week the whole camp felt like family, and I was sad to leave at the end of camp. I can't wait for this summer!
  • MountainGirl 2013-03-12
    This past summer, I attended COHIPAC, and enjoyed every minute of it! We camped up in the San Juan Mountains-- SO beautiful! There was a lake right next to our campsite, and during our off-time, we entertained ourselves by swimming around. Runners of all abilities came, and we all had a good time climbing the mountains, playing cards and Mafia, and getting to know eachother. Being at the top of a peak... it's hard to describe, but I image it's the closest I've been to touching heaven. It makes your burning legs worth it. It's something everyone should do in their life time. At COHIPAC, we got to experience this multiple times!
  • CoachMackay 2013-02-06 No rating
    Great athletes, great coaches - I'm looking forward to this summer with our newest camp in Buena Vista.

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