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STRIVE Trips runs 3 week community service oriented trips for motivated high school athletes who want to be able to train while also having the chance to experience a new culture and give back to the community. STRIVE isn't just for serious athletes; we welcome people of all abilities and have seen great strides in our runners as well as other athletes.  Come join us on one of our summer trips!

Also now offering internships for college students and 10-day trips for adults and families!

Reviews & Comments

  • TheRealCarmenSanDiego 2018-04-14
    I did STRIVE's Peru trip last summer and it was amazing. My favorite part about the trip was getting to experience a place so different from home. I loved having the opportunity to immerse myself in Peruvian culture and try things I never would have gotten to at home - like bargaining in the market or eating an entire guinea pig!
  • bensssssss 2018-01-20
    I attended last year and I just signed up to come back this summer as well. It was the most amazing summer of my life and hopefully this year will top it!
  • xcwolf2001 2017-10-28
    This was a fantastic experience. I am looking forward to hopefully attending the Kenya trip next year. Would recommend to any runner looking for a great summer training at altitude.
  • davids20257 2017-09-03
    I went to STRIVE Peru this year and it was amazing. The team puts in so much effort to make sure we have a meaningful experience all across the board. You also get a really unique opportunity to train at altitude and take summer training seriously. All the leaders are awesome and I learned a ton about training and service learning.
  • tonykrause 2017-04-10
    My summer with strive really helped me grow as an athlete and a person. I am looking forward to coming back this summer!
  • lylevandyne 2017-01-31
    I was an intern for strive and will be again this summer. The program gave me everything I was looking for. Teaching kids, mentoring high schoolers, and of course great training at altitude. If you're on the fence - just do it!!
  • BS199999 2016-10-11
    My favorite part of the trip was the Spanish immersion week. It was an amazing opportunity to get some much needed practice speaking spanish. I feel I gained a semesters worth of fluency. I loved seeing the inside of a Peruvian home and observing some of their customs and routines. Ollantaytambo is beautiful and special place.
  • aw1777777 2016-09-03
    I loved the people. The group was so great and I felt like we worked really well together. We were able to make each other better, whether it was better at running, speaking Spanish, being a leader, or just as a person. I formed relationships that I believe will, and can, last for a long time.
  • ktlamplighter 2016-05-20
    I can’t even begin to list the reasons why my trip changed me. One way is that I was exposed to a completely different culture. It was eye opening to see how little technology you need to live. It made me appreciate everything that I have at home and it also made me appreciate simple living. So, not relying on my cellphone or laptop at all times. It was also refreshing to see so many young students eager to learn, especially their eagerness to learn English… All in all, my STRIVE trip changed my entire perspective on how to live my life.
  • meredithbonk 2016-05-05
    I think that this program is awesome because it can really be built around the individual. For example, when I wanted to run twice a day, I was always able to. When I desired a little more Spanish, a tutor was at the ready. Any type of athlete and/or student could walk into Strive and walk out with a life changing experience
  • katie1959 2016-04-20
    I will be returning to strive as a college intern this summer. The trip to Peru really changed my outlook and world view in addition to improving me as a runner. I can't wait to to go to Kenya this year and experience their culture and train wth the worlds bests.
  • andreasw 2016-04-04
    My son attended strive last year in Peru. Experience was great. Excellent communication from staff and my son had a wonderful trip. Came back happy and in great shape for cross country and soccer.
  • PRtime 2016-03-21
    I've been on two STRIVE trips now and I can't wait to go back as an intern in college! I beat my PR after my first trip and got even better second time around. Do it!
  • goski1830 2016-03-08
    I was a college intern for STRIVE in Peru. The altitude training was excellent for me, even though I wasn't primarily a runner. I came back to school in great shape. It was a lot of fun working with the high schoolers and I felt like that really helped me develop my leadership skills. I wish I could go back!
  • jporter2001 2016-02-23
    I went to Peru with STRIVE and had a blast. My leaders were hilarious and my fitness improved a ton while I was there. I'm going to Kenya this year and I'm sure it'll be awesome as well!
  • MatthewsXC2000 2016-02-09
    I did STRIVE in high school and I'm planning to go back this summer as a college intern. The training was great and I came home and ran my best cross country season in high school. But more than that the overall trip was incredible with all the people we got to meet and the trek at the end. Can't wait to be back!
  • anfish1759 2016-01-28
    STRIVE was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I hope I can go back this year or next!
  • erichans 2015-12-30
    The HATC was a beautiful place to stay. It’s not every day that you get to train in the same gym as Olympic athletes. Group leaders were very helpful, nice, understanding and as organized as Africa will allow one to be. I also found it so easy to find the motivation to run! And the outings were absolutely incredible experiences, not just the destinations, but the roads to them as well.
  • ejn4415 2015-10-07
    What an incredible trip. I learned so much from our leaders, interns, and my fellow students. Spending everyday with such hilarious and kind people made my experience even more enjoyable than I had anticipated. And when I arrived home after the trip, the first things I missed from Peru were the friends I had made (followed closely by the bread from Sofi's).
  • eb1999 2015-08-25
    Peru was the best 3 weeks ever! Loved it.
  • JW2000 2015-05-07
    I sent my daughter to Peru with STRIVE and she had a fantastic time. The organization was professional and communication with parents was great. My daughter was not as serious a runner as some of the girls in her group but she still felt welcome and saw improvement in her own performance. She plans to return as a college intern when she is old enough.
  • xcrunner4499 2015-04-16
    I went to STRIVE's Peru program in Peru in 2014 and it was incredible! So many great runners in our group, including our group leaders. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and our group got along so well. I had a big improvement in my fall cross country times and I owe a lot of that to the hard altitude training i put in with strive.
  • lwagner 2013-03-26
    I went to Peru with strive and it was so much fun!! The group was so awesome and we bonded super quickly between running and working at the school together. The leaders were so awesome and were both really nice and friendly and knew the area really well. The hike at the end of the trip brought everyone so close togther and now I am still in touch with a lot of my friends from the trip!
  • dgute95 2013-03-14
    I was on the very first STRIVE trip to Kenya back in 2010 and it was honestly the best 3 weeks of my life! Even now (I'm in college now), my team-mates and coaches are all super interested in my trip to Kenya and the service work we did there. I totally fell in love with the area and the people and am now trying to study abroad in Africa so that I can go back to that amazing place. STRIVE really changed my life path and I hope to be able to give back to Africa since it gave so much to me!
  • XCchamp94 2013-02-09
    I did STRIVE for two summers and I can definitely say it was the best decision I ever made. I was surrounded by totally amazing and passionate kids who motivated me to get out there every day and get after it. I'd done some running camps before, but strive was like no other. The service element made the running that much more rewarding and created a bond between everyone on the trip that lasts a long time (I'm still in touch with many of my strive friends). If you want to go experience the most amazing cultures in the world and be surrounded by other awesome kids, do strive!! I promise you won't regret it!
  • reba_orloff 2013-01-05 No rating
    I participated in the STRIVE second session trip to Kenya in 2011 as well as the Peru trip in 2012. I had a fantastic time on both trips! Going in to the first trip, I was nervous that the training might be too intense for me. I love running, but I'm not extremely serious or competitive. I was so happy that STRIVE gave me complete flexibility in my workouts. I ran about 3 to 6 miles each day, and it helped me immensely in my fall season. While I enjoyed nice easy runs, everyone was able to get the training that they specifically needed. Aside from the training, I loved my leaders and peers. I had such a great time experiencing the service work and fun opportunities such as the Inca Trail with all of the awesome people I met! STRIVE trips are the perfect service trips for people looking for any type of athletic training and a fun time! I strongly recommend STRIVE.
  • emmalangley 2013-01-03
    I was on the STRIVE Peru trip this past summer, and it was absolutely the most amazing experience. I went on the trip as a competitive swimmer, yet by the end of the trip I was not only swimming almost every day but also going on distance runs in the morning. It was awesome to come away with a completely different type of endurance under my belt. I loved how the workout schedules were flexible, so any kind of athlete can tailor their training to how they see fit. In addition to finding my passion for running, I was able to enjoy the Peruvian culture thanks to the knowledge and guidance of our leaders. They could navigate us safely from place to place while also allowing us our own time to explore in small groups and be independent from the large group. Every day was a blast - our whole group got to know each other really well and by the end of the trip we were honestly one big family. Doing service with the local school in Calca was wonderful as well because I knew that we made an impact in their community; not to mention that the children were so bright and enthusiastic, and I always looked forward to spending time with them. Hiking the Inca trail and seeing Macchu Picchu was a highlight also, but even the ordinary days of training and doing service were awesome. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to trip to any athlete. It is an experience of a lifetime!!!!
  • westonmuench 2013-01-03
    I was on the Strive Peru session and it was the best twenty days of my life. Nic, Tyler, and Lindsey we amazing group leaders. They balanced perfectly between being our friend, mentor, and someone who can lay down the law if law needed to be laid. Teaching at the school and socializing with the townsfolk improved my spanish speaking a ton and also gave me a culture experience I could never replicate. Also the schedule was incredibly flexible. This trip was able to form to any athlete's ability. You could run 3 times a day or zero times or run in the morning every day or at night. It was really up to you and your personal preference. The last four days on the Inca Trail was truly a deep experience for me. I have never gotten so close to 14 people in such a short period of time. If you are considering this trip don't even think twice.
  • rraines 2013-01-03
    I was on the first STRIVE trip to Peru two summers ago, and I can honestly say it was amazing! They did such an amazing job of organizing all the activities we did while still allowing us some free time to explore the village and expirience Peru ourselves (in threes for saftey of course) ! I personally run a lot of miles each week so I was a little concerned going in I wouldn't get the oppertunities I needed, but I was happily wrong! I was able to run pretty much everything I needed too at the pace I felt I could handle. Nic and Tyler attended my trip and they did such an amazing job making us feel safe in Peru and also letting us enjoy the country to its greatest! Tyler even did a few workouts with me, which really helped me stay focused! Honestly I feel like I got such a bargain on the wonderfulexperience, it's something I will never forget, not only did I get in extremly good shape but I got to experience a whole new country and meet great friends I'm still in touch with! I've been too alot of running camps, but this one takes the cake! I would recomend it to any level athlete, from cross country to triathlons!
  • dshehadi 2013-01-02
    I went on the Peru-Session 2 and had the time of my life. The amount of free time allowed us to make the trip our own and we were allowed to design our workouts, letting us create a flexible schedule unique to each of us. The group leaders were awesome. They were understanding, nice, and fun to be around. Each definitely knew their stuff about sports, whether it be track and field, cross country or basketball. They could also speak Spanish fluently which usually helps in spanish speaking countries. The activities we engaged in as a group were fun and helped us get to know each other better. My spanish improved significantly and with the help of the lower oxygen levels of the Andes mountains, my fitness improved greatly as well. I strongly recommend this trip for any athlete.

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