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SWMO has been created for runners of all ability levels. Whether you are one of the elites in the nation to an individual just getting started, SWMO is the place for you. Come and join us in our friendly Christian environment for a week that will literally change your life forever. Like our page on FaceBook.

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  • chester1976 2014-06-23 No rating
    Found this email sent from a 2013 SWMO Running Camp Camper. Gets me pumped up just thinking about July 14th. Dear Jake, This is ____ ______ ! I cannot thank you enough for the camp you held in Joplin this summer. It was a real wake up call, and for me, it was a reminder of the promise I made with my grandpa. Before my grandpa died, he developed a severe case of dementia and during the last talk I had with him before the disease completely rendered him incapable of remembering anything from what he did that morning, to long term relations, he and I talked about life. He made me promise that I would do something with my life, to look out for my little brother, to continue to be a good person, and to live life so that I had no regrets. I had no idea what most of it meant at the time, but I promised him. Little did I know, but that was his way of passing on his life's knowledge. He was a very hard working Italian American, very humble, and did not usually talk to me this seriously, so I knew his words were nothing but sincere. I went on living life and maybe putting a little extra effort here and there but his words soon slipped my mind. Months later, when his dementia had worsened, my mom and I visited him at the assisted living center. We made some small talk with him for awhile until my mom had left the room. Almost instantly my grandpa asked me what I had been up to, how my grades were, was I working hard, how were my friends and my brother, and the list goes on. After all my responses he gave me a smile and told me how proud he was of me. He said to keep working hard and not to lose focus or let anyone's words stop me from being who I was. I was astonished. It is humanly impossible to reverse the effects of dementia, yet he was building upon the conversation I had with him months ago. I visited him a couple more times before he died and every time he would talk to me when we were alone. Each time, I left rather confused and feeling a bit guilty. After he died, I forgot the exact words he had said over time, and years went by. But when I attended your running camp, the speech you gave about which chair we sit in daily, it was very familiar. I couldn't quite remember where I had heard it but I felt like I had heard something like it before. On the way home I put in my earphones and the first song that played was a Johnny Cash song, which was my grandpa’s favorite musician. The two thoughts in my mind instantly connected. I can't tell you how horrible I felt that very moment. I came to the realization that I had been living my life in the comfort zone, not pushing myself, and regretting being so lazy even though I had promised my grandpa that I would not let my life take that path. I looked back on what we did at camp. We ran twice a day, long fast miles, we helped each other, and more than anything... We just PUSHED ourselves. After what seemed like running hell week, I managed to run an 18:34 and placed 12th. My little brother _____, an incoming freshman, ran only 14 seconds slower than me. The signs were everywhere. I had not been pushing myself at all. My life was void of the kind of effort I put forth at your camp, and in a way, I really missed it when I left for home. Something right then just snapped in my head, and I decided that I wasn't too late for me yet. I work 40 hours a week during the summer so I was used to only running once a day, but I immediately changed my "tired from work attitude". I would get up and be at work from 6:45 until 3:30...right when I got home I would run...and later that night around 8 or 9pm I would run again. I went from running my miles around an 8:30 pace, to about a 6:45-7:30 pace depending on the day. My body really hated me for a couple weeks and the shock of all the physical pushing put a huge strain on my body. My brother saw what I was doing and he wanted to join so I let him run with me more and more all the time. Eventually, we ran all our miles together, step for step. We put in about 35-50 miles a week for the last few weeks of summer. Then, just last Tuesday, we had our first race. The results really made me thankful for your message and for your help in realizing what my grandpa had meant. God has a weird way of motivating us into being people that we thought we never could be. Last week was less of relief, and more of a celebration. It proved to me that it is NEVER too late to change yourself, and to never let not just other people, but you, telling yourself you can't do something. I was the overall champion in the men’s varsity race with a time of 18 flat, and my little brother just 37 seconds behind me in third place. It was a tough, hot, and hilly course for a first meet but all the work I had put in over the summer paid off. Far more impressive than me getting first place was how well my team did. I couldn't have been more shocked at how well they did. The men's team took 2nd. Maybe my new attitude has had an effect on my team, but I don't take any credit. I was voted team captain, and now I try to lead by example, and be a good role model for my little brother. I have never been a really self-motivated person until this year, and the impact it has had on me couldn't be any more life changing. I would love to come back to your camp next year even though I'm graduating. I'm trying to get as many of my teammates down to Joplin next camp so that maybe they will experience the same change I have. I have been meaning to send this message for awhile now, but I'm glad I waited until now to send it. Again, Jake, I cannot thank you enough for helping me change my life. I have a lot of Faith in your program and what you do and only pray the best for you. I will keep you updated on how my team does and I'll do my best to help others realize the same attitude you, and my grandpa, wanted me to have. Like you said, iron sharpens iron. And it's never too late. Sincerely, _____ ________
  • Anonymous
    We feed you HARDEE'S THICKBURGERS one night at camp! Come on now, You don't get that at "those other" running camps!
  • Anonymous
    It's cheap and awesome. What more is there to ask for?
  • Lee Stubblefield, Cassville, MO
    Top notch directors, counselors, organization, facilities, food, and activities. Running groups for all ages and levels. Christian camp.
  • Robert Bierer
    its one of the best running camps in missouri. u learn about god while also getting better at running. i recomend that everyone in middle school to exiting highschool. to give this camp a try.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Simply put. The best camp out there for the money. At only $120 for the week, you won't be disappointed.
  • Anonymous
  • Matt Bennett
    This is a great camp! The workouts are hard, and there is never a dull moment! You don't have to be a great runner to go, you just have to be willing to put out some effort. It's a good price, and I would recommend this to any runner.
  • Anonymous
  • Janzen White
    Have attened this camp for last two years going again this year!Coach Holt knows his stuff. My personal best at this time is 17:39. Looking to cut my time. Thanks Coach Holt

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