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2017-07-30 - 2017-08-06 Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp
2017-07-30 - 2017-08-06 Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp
2017-07-30 - 2017-08-06 Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp
2017-07-30 - 2017-08-06 Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp
Our 10th Annual 2017 Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp is ideal for any high school boy or girl (same week this summer; Sunday, July 30 thru Sunday Aug 6, 2017) who wants to improve while learning more about the sport of cross country.  This camp tops every camp out there in terms of enjoyment, location, running trails, food and lodging, camaraderie among campers and knowledgable staff, and PRICE.  Are any of the others 8 days, go white water rafting, drive all over Rocky Mt National Park, make you want to return every summer?

Perfectly situated in the high altitude Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, CO, this environment adds a dimenson missing in most camps---breath-taking scenery at 6-8,000 ft. elevation!  There is so much to do at our camp--besides running twice a day, of course.  We offer everyone facilities at the world's largest YMCA location (850 acres) from lodging to meals to white water rafting to 900 ft zip lines, high adventure ropes courses, swimming, miniature golf, volleyball and horse back riding.  Every summer at camp we travel into Boulder where we run a little run (up to 13.1 miles) 
on famed Magnolia Road in Boulder Canyon --only 8,600 ft elevation (some runners may run only 4-6 miles here).  We even end that fifth day there in Boulder with dinner at an Italian Restaurant where we have an Olympic or National Champion runner as our guest speaker.  

Our training camp brings together 15 + min. 5K runners from the East Coast and other regions of the country in mid-August as well as 20 min. 5K runners who want to break into the 16-18:00 range.  Our girls run between 18 + and 24 min.  In other words, we have very intermediate as well as veteran high school runners who return year after year.  (WE HAVE HAD CAMPERS OR STAFF AT RMXCC WIN 15 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN XC OR TRACK) Not surprisingly some of the runners improve 4 or 5 minutes within one year while the average for the veteran runners is about 60 sec. off their 5K times.  Training involves running in similar groupings twice a day with lighter workouts at the front end of the week while runners are getting acclimated to the altitude, then longer runs like Magnolia Road near the end of our week.  A special challenge for really well-trained runners is the 10 mile run up the Fall River Road (only 25% of our campers qualify for this challenge) which begins at 8,000 and ends at 12,000 ft in Rocky Mountain National Park or others run the 12 miler in Devil's Gulch.   

Our camp is staffed by seasoned staff who have worked with young people in many capacities from coaching to camp counselors to teaching.  Almost all are or have been great college runners.  A few parents help out and all thoroughly enjoy the experience.  We only take approximately 45 male and female runners and the camp fee is extremely low (for 7+ days) especially if you come with a few runners from your team and your coach.  By the end of the week, you will be asking for next summer's camp dates!

Our 2017 Rocky Mt XC Camp will be the FIRST WEEK IN AUGUST (Sunday July 30--Sunday AUG. 6, 2017).  ($700--team discounts at $680--there's an additional $100 registration deposit due with your registration)  While our camp is co-ed, we will have planned running groups gender and ability based. Our staff-runner ratio will be 1-5.  They lead the running groups, give nightly seminars on running, and chaperone all activities on and off the grounds at the YMCA in the Rockies. Go to and download forms, mail them in along with $100 registration fee.  (This $100 fee covers all registration expenses, mailings, reservations/cancellation fees and more--and holds your spot.  This fee is in addition to the camp fee.)  This exciting 2017 camp is filling up now!  SO ACT QUICKLY TO CLAIM A SPOT.

Reviews & Comments

  • naturallyazn 2017-03-17
    I've attended this camp from the summer going into my sophomore year until the summer going to my senior year and each time was a unique experience with a different energy. I enjoyed the diversity in campers that showed up, but all had a goal in mind and that was to grow and become a better version of themselves. I was inspired and motivated by all the other campers for the whole cross country season based off this single week in Colorado. My most memorable moment was completing my run on Fall River Road, a 4000 ft vertical climb, 9 mile run. The hardship and struggle helped me appreciate the sport and the support of the other runners. This camp has given me so much, I can't wait to return and give back to my favorite place on Earth!
  • newmark 2016-02-12
    This camp is incredible. Running at a altitude of up to 1200ft takes a toll on your body, and gets you in excellent shape for the cross country season. Along with the running the YMCA offers many activities such as mini golf, zip-lining, a swimming pool, and much more. We also go white water rafting which is a unforgettable expirence! The runs are tough but at the end of the day it is truly amazing to be running in the Rockies and making friendships with fellow runners which will last a lifetime. Great camp, can't wait to go back!
  • newmark 2016-02-12 Expired Rating
    This camp is incredible. Running at a altitude of up to 1200ft takes a toll on your body, and gets you in excellent shape for the cross country season. Along with the running the YMCA offers many activities such as mini golf, zip-lining, a swimming pool, and much more. We also go white water rafting which is a unforgettable expirence! The runs are tough but at the end of the day it is truly amazing to be running in the Rockies and making friendships with fellow runners which will last a lifetime. Great camp, can't wait to go back!
  • jaymie2112 2015-08-10
    I just came back from my first, and most likely not last, trip to Colorado, and I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The only reason not to go is because you will have to leave. The name “Rocky Mountain Cross Country Training Camp” can basically be shortened down to “Fun.” There is little idle time because the week is packed with thrilling activities like zip lining and white water rafting, not to mention excursions into Boulder and downtown Estes Park. Everywhere you go there are stunning landscapes that you never get tired of seeing. The panorama-worthy summit at Rocky Mountain National Park literally takes your breath away. You could almost forget you’re there to run, except for the fact that they make you get up at 6:30 to do so at altitude. This “they” I’m talking about is the incredibly supportive staff who can act as the perfect pace setters or just someone to chat with when your lungs are not busy trying to find oxygen. The runners are split into groups based on level, but you can switch around depending on how you’re feeling that day. Every run seems like a major accomplishment, especially Magnolia. The trails are beautiful, the wildlife are not camera-shy, and tripping is common because everyone looks at the mountains in the distance instead of the rocks in front of them. Stepping in horse crap is inevitable, but so is not giving a horse crap about it. The people there are super chill, and it is impossible not to become fast friends with your roommates. You get to be surrounded by a group who loves running just as much as you do. If you are planning to attend camp "Fun", don't forget to pack chapstick.
  • jadenwei124 2015-08-10
    This was an amazing experience as a runner and just as a high schooler in general. The training in altitude really makes a difference for your running - it's much harder and so you get much more out of it. There are many different training groups for different levels of runners so you will never feel like a workout is too easy or too hard and each person in the group supports and pushes each other so we all run harder. Some notable runs were on the famed Magnolia road and the best runners go up 9 miles on Fall River. But it's not just about the running, you form bonds with new friends and current teammates and spend time doing fun activities like ziplining, white water rafting, and rock climbing.
  • jtcanz17 2015-08-10
    This camp is the best camp you can go to if you are think about running in high school or already running in high school. This camp is focused on running but we still have fun at the YMCA. Some activities are mini golf,zip line,whitewater rafting, and so much more. The staff both at the camp and the ymca are really nice and you will get a great experience. The coaches at this camp is by far the best as 2 of the coaches where coaches of the year. You will learn from runners and coaches in how to improve you running form and how to build a better base for your self. If your ever free during the week this camp goes to Colorado it is a must go because you will be a better runner.
  • CoachSmithJr 2015-08-10
    Just got back from our 8th annual camp, and it's hard to believe it's over. This year we integrated new staff members and camp alumni who gave the athletes an experience of a lifetime and imparted knowledge that the runners will carry forward into their cross country seasons and beyond. While some of the staples of the camp (Magnolia Road, putt-putt tournaments, and Fall River Road runs) remain the same, the personalities and excitement of the athletes make every year unique and enjoyable. Talks by Georgetown runner John Murray, World Championships Gold Medalist Mark Plaatjes, and Master's competitor Dr. Rich Galgano were inspiring and informative. Plans for 2016 are already underway. We hope to see you there!
  • james_he 2015-08-10
    I just finished my second Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp experience and it was nothing short of spectacular. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, funny, and empathetic, and director Jim Smith is simply the most passionate and intelligent cross country coach out there. The camp is very well organized and incorporates not only two runs per day (sometimes with creek soaks afterwards) but also thrilling adventure activities, including white water rafting, ziplining, the ropes course, and the climbing wall. The YMCA is a great host with comfortable lodging, pretty good food, and tons of on-campus activities (ping pong, basketball, swimming, and of course, mini golf). At this camp, you get to be a runner and a tourist... We go into Estes Park one day, the summit of Rocky Mountain National Park another day, and have dinner in Boulder with a world champion runner in still another. There are multiple training groups as well, so runners of all abilities have their place here. What more could anyone ask for from a running camp? The incredible scenery, the valuable training tips from the staff, the variety of trail runs and activities, and the timeless friendships make RMXCC an unforgettable experience.
  • XC17TO 2015-03-24 No rating
    Unbelievable camp! The coaching staff is the best you could ask for. They involve everyone in daily runs no matter how advanced someone is as well as teaching tons about the sport. The scenery is unlike anything I've experienced and you get to view it with a great group of guys. It's essentially a running vacation, thanks coaches!
  • johnmedlinskas 2015-03-23
    As a proud alumni member of Shrewsbury High School Cross Country I could not say how privileged I was to be able to train at this camp in Colorado. It is not just a great way to train for the season but also a great retreat and way to meet other XC kids from around the United States. Coach Jim Smith puts his passion for Cross Country in this camp from every run to his motivation and knowledge for the sport. As a camp goer for three years my times improved significantly each year and I must give credit to the work I put in pre-camp to be polished and after the camp. The camp challenges you and pushes you so you will be in the best shape possible when you return home for the season. If you want to train to become the best runner you can be by one of the top Cross Country Coaches then sign up for This camp because the investment will pay off!
  • kleonhardt 2015-01-12
    This is an amazing camp organized by the knowledgeable and passionate Coach Smith. The runs incorporate the best Colorado has to offer: stunning views, altitude challenges, and dirt roads. One of the remarkable and distinguishing factors of this camp is that each camper thoroughly enjoys their time during both the runs and other activities. Coach Smith diversifies the day by including activities such as rafting and zip likes to improve team bonding, and the campers leave with strong friendships. I highly recommend this camp!
  • hricciot 2014-09-09 No rating
    My son had a wonderful experience at this camp. The counselors individualized his training so he could benefit to the highest degree. More important, the relationships he developed with other campers, counselors and coaches were the highlight of the experience, and left him with lasting friendships and memories and a renewed sense of self.
  • mbmomof2runners 2014-09-08 No rating
    Two of my sons have attended this camp multiple years and I cannot say enough good about it! The director, Jim Smith, is a wonderful communicator who kept us all apprised of camp plans, logistics, etc. months ahead of the camp week via detailed Camp Newsletters, agendas, camper and chaperone contact info, multiple pre-camp and intersession email updates and his posting many hundreds of beautiful photos of the campers and the scenery to the camp's website and this site! My boys have had a great time each year they went to the camp- all while becoming stronger physically, mentally and having some good wholesome healthy fun!
  • naturallyazn 2014-08-23 Expired Rating
    This camp was freaking amazing. The best week of my summer vacation definitely. I gained so much knowledge, met such amazing people, and ran some of the best trails I've yet to run on. It was a total privilege to go out to this camp and experience things I couldn't imagine doing at home. I feel enriched with a whole new mindset and vibe for running and I'm more motivated than ever to keep on grinding and improving. You get your money's well worth here at this camp and it'll be no mistake that you come. All the coaches, staff, and counselors are so kind and wise on the sport, you'll come home knowing a lot more than what you did. This camp is for everyone! Whether you have a passion for the sport or not, you'll learn the true concept of teamwork and sportsmanship and there's always something for everyone to take out of this truly amazing camp!
  • Ryan Carelli
    Fantastic experience! I've done this camp for two years and it has really enhanced my running abilities. Before each season it puts me in the right frame of mind to compete well and train effectively through the season. Highly recommended for any serious runner!
  • Will S
    Great kids, great running experienced and helpful coaching staff.
  • Anonymous
    Very fun time out at this camp. Enjoyable running, breathtaking scenery, all around an excellent camp.
  • Anonymous
    As a former attendee of this camp, I would highly recommend it to all serious runners! It is very well organized and with Jim Smith as the director, you are guaranteed a good time! The chaperones and other runners in attendance are very knowledgeable and I guarantee you will learn a great deal throughout the week! The trails are great for running and there are other trails close by the facility! The facility is terrific and offers great outside activities for when you are not running!
  • Mike
    When I first learned that I was going to a running camp, I wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Once I got there however, it was a different story. I had a blast with my teammates and fellow runners not only during our runs, but also while we participated in the camp's various activities, such as mini-golf, ping pong, and pool.
  • Anonymous
    Awesome camp, awesome coach, awesome time. I would recommend this camp for anyone as state champs and your average kid trying to get into shape all participate. The camp size is the perfect size and the core group of kids who do participate never seem to disappoint. Throughout the shopping, college tours, park tours, mountain hikes, minigolf games and long runs the kids bond a lot. Also the weather is spectacular and there is a buffet everyday!
  • Anonymous
    This camp is incredible. The coaches are very knowledgeable and the setting couldn't be better. Some of the highlights included a ten mile run on historical Magnolia Road and dinner with Olympian Jorge Torres. In addition the camp was very well organized but gave the campers freedom to have fun. Activities included ziplines, fly fishing archery, and free time to do whatever activities you wanted at the YMCA of the rockies extensive campus. I highly recommended this camp to runners of all levels.

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