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2018-07-08 - 2018-07-15 Smarter Training for Faster Running CC Camps
A truly unique opportunity for runners and teams grades 8-12 to train in a positive learning environment with World CC Team members, Olympians and campers of all abilities in the Rocky Mountains. Each camper will be OmegaWave tested to optimize their training protocol. Special emphasis will be devoted to mental training and biomechanics. Insure both fun and success for your team and yourself. This camp allows each athlete, regardless of age or ability, the opportunity to learn and grow both as a runner and as an individual. A truly educational opportunity with great food (gluten free options available), great counselors, great scenery, great lodging and great fun!  Individuals and teams are welcome!

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Reviews & Comments

  • Coachreece26 2018-02-12
    This is the best running camp I've ever been to. I went for 3 years and cannot wait to become a counselor this year. Great location, great campers, great counselors, and AMAZING EXPERIENCES. I would not love running like I do now without the experiences I had at this camp. 100% Recomend to every runner in my area.
  • Coachreece26 2018-02-11 Expired Rating
    This is the best running camp I've ever been to. I went for 3 years and cannot wait to become a counselor this year. Great location, great campers, great counselors, and AMAZING EXPERIENCES. I would not love running like I do now without the experiences I had at this camp. 100% Recomend to every runner in my area.
  • jshcadams8 2017-05-22
    If you are a committed distance runner wanting to improve, or a casual runner wanting to get fit and enjoy running, this is the perfect camp for you. With workshops full of incredible information to games and activities full of unforgettable memories, STFR was and always will be one of the best weeks of my life. I have attended 3 years, and improved my running so much and owe Coach Ramsey so much appreciation for all he does. To this day I am still close friends with many people I met at camp. And because of what I have learned, I am excited to continue on my own running career at the collegiate level, and hope to be able to give back to the community in any way possible. To top this all off, the runs in CO are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I look forward to this week every year! -Clayton Adams
  • gorillaxc 2017-03-17
    I loved the camp!!!
  • Hanharrick 2017-01-28
    definitely a 5-star camp!!
  • Hanharrick 2017-01-28 Expired Rating
    Attending STFR as a high school distance runner was one of the best things I could have done for my success in training and racing. Coach Ramsey is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training smart and running fast. I learned so much about how to maximize what I was doing and became a healthier and stronger runner because of it. I made some amazing friends and memories at camp. Not only did I have a great week surrounded by incredibly talented runners and counselors but learned so much from Coach Ramsey. This camp is unbeatable and I would strongly suggest it to anyone who loves to run and wants to get better!!!
  • runfasterinhs 2016-05-11
    What an outstanding and unbelievable experience this camp was not to mention educational and fun! I have been to many camps and clinics as a coach and this was by far the most informative, organized and worthwhile that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Coach Ramsey's staff is second to none. I really appreciate the follow-up by not only him but his staff as well. Coach Ramsey helps all the coaches that attend with their teams workouts for both cross country and track. He has been more than happy to answer any questions that I have ever had. My athletes have gotten faster in not only their distance races but now many of our distance runners are key components on our 4x400 relay in track. Every kid that has come to camp has always had a positive experience. I can't thank the camp and Coach Ramsey for all his help in improving our program. If you want to get better as a coach or a runner, this camp will definitely help you and your program get to the next level. Coach Smith
  • cpickering 2016-04-14
    This camp is amazing and the best running camp i've ever been to! I learned more than I could ever possibly imagine I would and had a lot of fun while doing it! I also met a lot of people (locally and regionally) that I am very close friends with today. Definitely the highlight of my summer!!
  • Trojan47 2016-03-27
    This camp is awesome. I have been multiple times and each time I go back I learn more than I did the year before. The coaches are very smart, and the counselors help make everything fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this camp for every cross country and track runner who has a desire to improve.
  • SpartanFan10 2016-03-03
    An awesome camp! An amazing week! I can't even begin to describe all the knowledge I've gained directly from attending this camp. You learn so much from Coach Ramsey and his staff, so much about running and even about life in general. It was such a fun experience, the staff makes everything crazy fun, and the friends I made just add to it. I can't wait to go back this summer!
  • mightyfalcon 2016-02-16
    This camp is the best camp I have ever attended. It had everything you could want in a running camp, I met a ton of new and awesome people, I learned loads of new things, and had the most amazing time. If I was to recommend a camp to a current high school runner wanting to become a better athlete this would be the camp I would recommend!
  • georgeletner 2016-01-28
    After four years as a camper and athlete, I can honestly say that this is the singlet greatest camp on the face of this earth. I will never forget all of the lifelong memories and friends that I have picked up along the way and I cannot wait to begin my time as a counselor starting next year. If you want to get serious about your running and have some serious fun, come to this camp, you will not regret it.
  • cgueldner 2016-01-27
    This running camp is hands down the best camp I've ever attended. In just a week at this camp I learned more about running than I had in any previous years in the sport. I also learned many valuable lessons about life and have made many friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this camp to any individuals who are not only wanting to improve in the sport, but also those who are looking for an unforgettable experience.
  • jshcadams8 2015-08-03 Expired Rating
  • RunnerGirl_15 2015-05-05
    Attending this camp was definitely one of the greatest decisions I could've made in my running career thus far. I learned more than I could have imagined about how to run intelligently and train well, and I attribute much of my recent success to the knowledge I gained at this camp. It helped me to become not only a better runner, but also a better person, and the connections I've made and friendships I've formed are sure to last a lifetime. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who is eager to improve as a runner, meet knowledgeable people who are as passionate about the sport as they are, and, most importantly, have fun!
  • MUFAN2 2015-04-11
    I cannot imagine a better camp to send your runner to. Coach Ramsey is the most knowledgeable coach we've had the pleasure of working with. He motivates and inspires kids not just to be better runners but better people as well. The kids make lifelong friends and learn how to run faster and most efficiently.
  • ccfankc 2015-03-12
    This camp was a turning point in my running career. The combination of the incredible group of people at the camp and the useful information that we learned persuaded me to get down to business when it came to running and competing. It's an inviting atmosphere where a runner can learn great training principles, meet great people, and grow as both a runner and a person. Couldn't speak highly enough of this camp and the staff that runs it. -Zack P.
  • barryd3 2015-03-09
    Last year was my first year attending Coach Ramsey's camp and it was one of the best weeks of my life! We learned so much about running, training, and heart rate monitors. Coach Ramsey prepares you to be the best runner you can be. You also meet the most amazing people (campers and counselors). I still keep in touch with many of the runners and when we get together we love sharing camp stories! I highly recommend camp!
  • runnerman2120 2015-02-26
    The camp offers the total package. It is the most affordable camp in the nation. Each of my athletes was able to receive an Omegawave test that was able to provide to them specific training protocols. The test alone was worth the cost of camp. I don’t understand why they don’t charge more because I would have paid anything. The knowledge that my athletes and I receive has produced major dividends this past cross country season. We experienced exponential growth in performances on both the girls and boys cross country teams. The only regret that I have is that I only brought a few of my athletes. This year we have started fundraising so every one of my athletes can attend.
  • runningfastest 2014-08-24
    Best camp my daughters have ever been to. They learned more than they could even imagine possible about running and life. They continue to talk about all the fun they had and tips for being better runners. When I hear the stories about their experiences at camp I wish I would have been able to attend a camp of this quality when I was their age. Their coach was not able to go with them but was able to contact Coach Ramsey at any time to get questions answered before and after they returned. They are planning to go again next year. What an awesome experience! The best money I have ever spent for a camp.
  • RunnerRunner5 2014-06-04 No rating
    This camp has changed my running entirely! Before I went to camp, my PR's were 4:45 10:23 and 18:33. I was running twice a day 3 miles at a time. I had no idea what I was doing, and wasn't improving. At camp, I learned more about running than I thought I ever would. From training philosophy, to diet and what shoes would work best for me. I knew I was in the right place when the elite runners were amazed by things they were learning. Today, my PRs are 4:19.09, 9:20.76, and 15:54 and I credit my success to the things I learned at camp. On top of how much I learned about running, I met some of the most amazing people that I ever will. I made life-long best friends, that I will never lose. How is the food? I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. The food at camp is above and beyond what I expected for a summer camp for high schoolers. It's also very accommodating for any types of special diets you may be on, especially Gluten Free. The camp staff do an amazing job of keeping us on schedule, teaching us not only about running but life as well and making it fun at the same time. As someone who has been to A LOT of different camps, this one is so much fun! I can promise you that you will not be disappointed by coming to camp. I assure you that this camp will have everything you are looking for. I will be going again this summer, and don't intend to miss out in the future as well. I hope you will take this next step in your running career. You will not regret it! -Dylan Hodgson
  • pittrunner 2014-04-30
    This camp not only provides a fun, safe way to learn about running, it also approaches each runner as an individual. They teach ways for elite runners and beginning runners to get better. The campers have a great experience getting to know other middle school, high school, college and even professional athletes. Not to mention the athletes get to run in new areas (including garden of the gods) everyday! Definitely recommend this camp!
  • runsmarter 2014-03-28
    It is great to see that you are adding a camp in the Chicago area! We had a great time at the Colorado camp a couple of years ago! I wished then that we could bring our kids to Colorado every year as your camp was an incredible opportunity to learn more about running than I ever imagined. My athletes had the most fun, rewarding and educational experience ever in a running environment. Now that you are located within six hours of us we will be joining you every year. Our team has attended many camps in the past 15 years and there is no other camp in the Midwest and probably the entire country like this!
  • runsmarter 2014-03-28 No rating
    It is great to see that you are adding a camp in the Chicago area! We had a great time at the Colorado camp a couple of years ago! I wished then that we could bring our kids to Colorado every year as your camp was an incredible opportunity to learn more about running than I ever imagined. My athletes had the most fun, rewarding and educational experience ever in a running environment. Now that you are located within six hours of us we will be joining you every year. Our team has attended many camps in the past 15 years and there is no other camp in the Midwest and probably the entire country like this!
  • cepps 2013-05-29
    This camp has taught me more in one week than I would have ever known in my running career. After attending, I improved on all of my events from cross country to track. I got even better after the second year I went! Honestly, this camp is the highlight of my summer! Considering all of the sessions, to the one-on-one with the counselors/coaches (Collegiate runners, All-Americans, and Professionals) to the training runs,even the games and activities... I will definitely be coming back to this camp! For the cost, I got to stay an entire week! I would have paid MORE for LESS time at a lot of other camps. Coach Ramsey is so knowledgeable and I met so many new friends! This camp is awesome!!
  • mloats 2013-05-15
    I have attended this camp since I was a freshman in high school and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The most valuable and fun camp out there! You are provided with a tremendous amount of information on all aspects of running. Runners from all over the country attend this camp, and by the end of the week everyone is one big family. The staff is great and it is impossible not to have fun. I have met some of my best friends here and can’t wait to go back!
  • jameswilson 2013-05-08
    Best camp out there. Coach Ramsey will share his knowledge about running and so much more. The staff is incredible and will answer any questions you have. Pueblo may not seem like the most ideal place for a camp, but in mid July, it is rarely too hot to run throughout the day, it is at altitude, but not too high to make you spend all week adjusting. You will learn not only how to train smarter in order to become a better athlete, but you will leave camp having met many like minded runners and friends that you will have for the rest of your life. There are a number of people that I not only stay in touch with after first meeting them at camp 6 years ago, but consider to be some of my best friends. An incredible value for a week of food, lodging, and instruction in Colorado.
  • abarzo 2013-04-26
    Last year was my first year at camp and I never imagined I could meet so many interesting people and have so much fun in one short week! Not only did I learn lots, after attending this camp I started to enjoy running even more. At this camp you'll get to experience the beautiful Pueblo, Colorado, Hike mountains, eat at the delicious Golden Corral, and much more. I can't wait to go back!
  • jbrown6 2013-04-13
    This camp has been instrumental in improving my daughter as a runner. Coach Ramsey is fantastic with the kids and continues to provide much appreciated advice throughout the year. The camp provided a week full of fun activities as well as techniques to utilize in her training. Coach Ramsey does an amazing job with the kids. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of running, including injury prevention and recovery, nutrition and proper technique. The counselors are all highly trained athletes and coaches, I would highly recommend this camp to any runner!
  • mattchance 2013-04-11
    Having coached for 15 years at the high school level and being an All American runner in college, you will not find a better camp in the country than this one. I have sent many athletes to this camp in the past and I am very pleased with the knowledge they receive in regards to race strategy, heart rate training zones, and acupressure points in the body. You will not be disappointed with this camp. Matt Chance Bowling Green High School Cross Country
  • mattchance 2013-04-11 No rating
    Having coached for 15 years at the high school level and being an All American runner in college, you will not find a better camp in the country than this one. I have sent many athletes to this camp in the past and I am very pleased with the knowledge they receive in regards to race strategy, heart rate training zones, and acupressure points in the body. You will not be disappointed with this camp. Matt Chance Bowling Green High School Cross Country
  • ccisthebest 2013-04-09
    What a great camp! My daughter attended with her team and came back with not only a better prospective on running but on life as well. During the past year our family has heard many great stories from the camp. Our school won its first state title and our coach attributes much of this to the changes they made because of the camp and the follow-up that Coach Ramsey has continued to provide. What a great experience for the athletes and their coaches!
  • brianwright 2013-03-29
    If you are looking to become not just a better runner, but a better person this is the place to be. I learned how to properly use the heart rate monitor to benefit my training by understanding its not how fast I run, but how smart I do. I learned several life lessons throughout camp, and its always exciting to talk with elite runners.
  • lindallcox 2013-03-15
    If you are looking for an awesome experience for you and your team, this is it! What better way to prepare for the season and the future but to be on the same page with your athletes. Come spend a week with Ramsey at the Smarter Training for Faster Running CC Camp with your team and never be the same again. You and your team will learn to train smarter and more efficiently while having fun and being motivated all at the same time. This is a proven training program and one that I have used with our team for the last 15 years. You will learn so much and your athletes will love it!
  • jimmytreg 2013-02-12
    Coach Ramsey is probably the greatest coach I have ever been around. He interacts with the kids very well. I was a member of the team a few years back and I can not say enough about how much he truly cares and gets every single athlete involved. A+
  • kochl13 2013-02-11
    Experience of a lifetime!! I was born and raised in a very small community, so I appreciate the values of family. The Brocaw Team is one big family, and accept runners from all walks of life. The camp itself is the most beneficial camp out there today. Runners don't have to pay high prices to see the best runners in the world, they actually get to converse and get to know the best runners in the world. Just this summer we Skyped Matt Centrowitz, one month before his Olympic debut. He didn't put us down and tell us how unworthy we were, he was down to Earth and told us the keys to his success. Family, fun, and staying focused. It's nice to actually attend a camp where the kids care about running and aren't just there to raise havoc. But don't get me wrong, we have a blast! If there is doubt in anyone's mind read the other 31 reviews, they will cement my views. Happy Running!!
  • rundownthesun 2013-01-22
    This camp was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. The opportunities to learn about living and running healthy are second to none. Most of the counselors are collegiate runners with information about running in college and recruiting.There are also chances to ask some elite runners questions in video calls. Coach Ramsey is one of the most knowledgeable running coaches in he country. Campers will leave smarter, faster, and more excited about running.
  • AndrewHowell 2013-01-02
    This camp has been the highlight of my Summer the past four years I have attended it. It has a fantastic mixture of fun activities, learning and running that has kept me coming back! I have never been surounded by so many kind and awe inspiring individuals in one room before. The counselors will have you laughing non stop and give you priceless insight on their personal journeys into college running. Not only did this camp make me a much better competitor, but I feel it makes campers alike better people and I would recommend this camp to anyone and everyone that is passionate about running!
  • stephanieking 2012-12-25
    The knowledge I've gained this week will make me a better runner, athlete, teammate, and person. There is truly something for every high school runner to gain by coming to this camp no matter your prior level of success. I will definitely recommend this camp to everyone I know!!
  • Josh Hanna
    This camp is amazing. I learn pretty much everything I know about running here. It's already helped me alot and I can't wait to come back next year!
  • Anonymous
    Learn lots of great things, this camp completely changed the way i look at running.
  • Coach Tyson McGuire
    The best camp I have ever been to. A great staff that will be with you even after the camp. I learned more at this camp in one week than I had in my 14 years of running. A great time, a great experience, and great people!
  • Anonymous
  • Haley
    Brocaw blazers camp was the highlight of my summer. I had the best time playing games and learning tons with some of my best friends. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who wanted to get a head start for xc season.
  • Anonymous
    It was the best running camp I've ever been to! They had awesome counselors and I learned a lot of things I was doing wrong while training. Met a lot of new friends and it was a really great camp. I recommend this camp for any runner!
  • Anonymous
  • Saga Barzowski
    This camp is amazing! Not only is it super informitive, but it is also super fun! The counselors are great, and since a lot of them are college athletes they're super helpful to high school runners who want to take it to the next level. I definitely recommend this camp to anyone who wants to be a smarter runner!
  • Addie Johnson
    This camp taught me how to train smarter to run faster. Ramsey is one of the best coaches I have ever had. Even when you go back home he asks you how you are doing and how the season is going. Every year you learn so much more. This is an amazing camp! :)
  • Mackenzie Weis
    There were so many fun activities and interesting lessons and presentations. I got to meet many other great runners in my area, formed amazing friendships, and recieved tons of knowledge that helped me improve as a runner. Everybody was nice and the counselors were extremely helpful. The whole week was a blast! :)
  • Anonymous
    This is a running camp and so much more! Anyone interested in becoming a better runner, athlete, or person in general will come away from this week-long experience with the knowledge to take it to the next level. Bring an open mind and a positive attitude and the camp staff will work to make sure that the rest takes care of itself.
  • Josie Wilkerson
  • Anonymous
    By far the best running experience you can have! Coach Ramsey cares so much about everyone at camp. I learned more there in a week than I believed possible. My times have improved by 30sec or more and I'm counting down the days till next year!
  • Lars
    Coach Ramsey is the best of the best and the smartest of the smartest. He develops talent to its maximum potential in every runner that enters the camp- including myself!
  • Anonymous
    I've went to this camp every summer in high school, and I loved it every time. Through the workshops, breakout sessions, and activites you grow as an athlete and an individual. You meet collegiate and elite runners that give you tips on how to excel as a runner. The staff is great-overall, a great experience!!
  • Anonymous
    It is a very good camp! You learn a lot and can become a great runner by attending! I learned how to be a better leader, teammate, and all around a better runner. I have been twice and we did the same thing both years. Yes, the second year you absorb more so that was good. That is the only downside I have about this camp. Loved it! :)
  • MacKenzie
    This was easily the best camp I've ever been too! From running strategies to mission impossible, you learn so much! The camp staff is very approachable and active in sessions. You learn things that amaze you about running and yourself. Don't forget about all the awesome people you meet that are just like you! The week is very short and goes so fast because it's packed with fun activities. I went two years in a row and learned even more the second time.
  • Kevin Col?n
    Best camp in the world. I attended every year since 7th grade and always came home with new information. I went from a decent high school runner to a three time state champion. You'll have so much fun while learning about about running. A great value and the counselors are the best :)
  • Maksim Korolev
    One of the best camps out there! I remember my first time attending this camp and all the info just blew my mind. Plus I met so many amazing people. I was extremely sad when that week was over. Highly recommend!
  • Anonymous
  • Andy Brown Guymon High School CC Coach
    For the price this camp is the best that your going to find anywhere in the U.S. The training principles and strategies used pertain to all aspects of running from diet, active warm-ups, and yoga, are easy to insert in your practice plans and you get results. Since we started using the training tips and ideas given at the camp, EVERY runner in my program has improved as well as the decline of injuries caused by over-training. The councelors are great with the kids and most are Division 1 or 2 runners, that use the training principles, so the kids can relate and it helps get the importance of following the routines. Our team will go to this camp EVERY year.
  • Kaelyn Balch
    Last year was my first year at this camp and I absolutely loved it! I have been running for 8 years and I learned more about running in that week then I have throughout my running career. After going to this camp I finally won my first xc state championship. I had alot of fun, met so many new friends, and learned alot about running through this camp. I am definitely going back next year, it was one of the highlights of my summer.
  • Anonymous
    I have attended this camp for two straight years and it is the best camp out there to learn how to train efficiently. It is well organized with a high fun factor to go along with learning how to train with a heart rate monitor.
  • Rebecca
    My 14 year old daughter attended Brocaw camp this summer. It was an all inspiring event. She came back with confidence, form - understanding of smarter running and nutritional knowledge. I would encourage anyone interested in better training to send their child to this great camp!
  • Bob Christensen
    An excellent camp for coaches and athletes alike. The information obtained at this camp is practical, and easily implemented into a high school training program. The opportunity for coaches to gather and share ideas and inspire one another is such a bonus to this camp experience. The quality of the staff, not only as accomplished national class runners themselves, but also as role models for young high school runners is outstanding. They are approachable and inspiring to the campers.
  • 2011 Camper
    This camp was the most insightful, motivational and all inspiring camp I could have ever dreamed to attend! I learned so much about running and life. I would recommend to anyone wanting to better their running form, potential and nutritional knowledge. Ramsey Rocks!!!!!
  • Brady Johnson
    Best camp out there! I learned so much and got so much better, I improved my 3200m time by 30 seconds in a little less than a year after attending this camp. It's so much fun and will make new friends for life here!
  • Coach White
    As a coach, I found this to be the most educational and enjoyable camp that our team has attended in the past 20 years. Our team had a wonderful time and will definitely be coming back!

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