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Located on the Southern California coast, Pepperdine University commands a majestic view of world famous Malibu Beach and the Pacific Ocean. This summer camp combines a beautiful, safe location with a staff consisting of college coaches, college runners and other qualified instructors.  This program is open to all high school students, entering grades 9-12.

What Can you Expect?
A typical day consists of breakfast, a morning workout, rest, lunch and speeches from the coaches followed by an afternoon workout and a group activity. You will learn visualization techniques, team-building skills and ways to maximize your performance through appropriate nutrition. 24-hour supervision is an important feature of every NIKE Running Camp. Staff members reside in campers’ quarters and participate in all activities

Reviews & Comments

  • jimipagesg 2013-08-07
    ANTISEMITIC! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE! The counselors here allowed my younger brother to be bullied the entire week he was there by a couple of antisemitic kids. My brother has a good head on his shoulders, so when reasoning with the bullies didn't work, he reported them to the counselors. When he told the counselors about the hate crimes, they did NOTHING to stop it--unforgivable. My mother gave the camp directors a piece of her mind when she came to pick him up, and in response, they offered to give us a discount for next summer; yeah, like we're going to be coming back here again. The people who run this place should be ashamed of themselves!
  • nikerunningcamps 2013-05-29 Expired Rating
    Wow, well it was my first camp and I would have to say overall it was a great experience. I liked that it covered all aspects of running NOT just the physical running part.
  • nikerunningcamps 2013-04-16 Expired Rating
    The Raditude camp was an overall very relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you don't come from the coast, having Malibu beach less then a mile away from you every day, mixed with the beautiful California weather was a dream come true. All of the trails we were taken on were also very different from each other and beautifully showcased the Malibu coast and inland. Some of my favorite aspects of the camp were Coach Radnoti's visualization and relaxation techniques; I truly left the camp feeling more relaxed and more confident about my goals than ever!
  • nikerunningcamps 2013-04-12 Expired Rating
    Ever since my daughter has returned from Nike Ratitude Running Camp she's been raving about how much she enjoyed it and how it has pushed her training regimen to the next level. The campers really bonded with each other and Coach Rad provided a supportive and fun, but also challenging experience for them. She's already making plans to go back next summer.
  • XCRunner16 2013-02-12
    Just wanted to say thanks for an absolutely amazing week at camp. We ran on some of the best trails I've ever seen. It was sad leaving such an awesome place. I don't think I've ever met a coach that truly taught about the mechanics of running like you did. I feel like you are truly a running genius. You’re coaching style and enthusiasm for the sport is just so amazing. You're Raditude theory was great. You’re teaching of being a champion and bringing your goals down were really inspirational. I showed my mom the booklet you gave us, and she absolutely loved it. She's always tried to stress that positive ideology in our household. I'll definitely keep on doing all the things I learned at camp, and keep reaching for my goals. Thanks for everything, and thanks for one of the best weeks of running I've ever had!

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