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TEXAS BASTROP used to be called "Texas Regional", & the intent is to bring runners of diverse ages & abilities to common ground that has 16 YEARS of tradition.  Runners & teams often go with their coaches to maximize summer training.  It is an early jump start on distance running; to back up the completed track season, or to introduce distance running to new high school athletes. Training is individualized based on the documentation a runner brings into the camp of their previous training & racing.

Like all Paavo Camps, this is the "Spartan" experience of tent camping, in the Park, in the elements.  This year's classrom features establishing individualized levels of training, & Individuals compLeting - but the focus, as with every Paavo, is on RUNNING. 

Check out NEW WEBSITE with last year's blogs, "Answers" section, & new for 2013 - rebates.  Enrollment right now through June 8th (contact Paavo HQ through the website for information or pricing):

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