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Upcoming Sessions

2012-08-12 - 2012-08-18 2012 The New Balance Running Academy - Session 1
2013-07-08 - 2013-07-12 2013 The Youth Track Academy - Session 3
2013-08-12 - 2013-08-18 2013 The New Balance Running Academy
2013-08-12 - 2013-08-15 2013 The New Balance Pole Vault Academy - Session 2
2013-10-01 - 2013-10-01 2013 Pole Vault Academy Weekly Clinics - Session 1
2014-08-18 - 2014-08-24 2014 The New Balance Running Academy Cross Country Camp
2014-10-02 - 2015-04-02 2014-15 Academy Camps Pole Vault clinics
2015-08-17 - 2015-08-23 2015 The New Balance Academy Camps
2016-08-15 - 2016-08-21 2016 The New Balance Academy Camps - Session 1

Our Pole Vault Academy clinics at the Newtown Youth Academy attract beginners who have never held a pole, all the way up to All Americans.  Led by some of the most accomplished coaches in the Northeast, the clinics have become extremely popular and help vaulter of all abilities reach their goals.  

The Running Academy at Camp Wah Nee, Torrington features lectures and motivational talks from world-class runners, coaches, sports medicine personnel, and some of the top college runners in the nation. Besides Olympians and nationally known coaches and personalities that attend camp each year, our experienced staff also conducts small group mini clinics on various topics that will help each athlete reach their goals.  

Private training in various events is available by appointment.  Email for more information.

Reviews & Comments

  • brickrunnin 2013-01-15
    forgot to add all those stars!
  • brickrunnin 2013-01-15 No rating
    I've been to this camp every year it's been open as both a camper and counselor and it is one of the best weeks of the summer for me each year!
  • Anonymous
    All Hail the Game Czar!!! Great mixture of activities and free time. Loved Human Anagrams and the dance. The coaches and counselors took the time to get to know you and offer motivation and advice. I'm having my best year ever thanks to The Running Academy.
  • Anonymous
    Make friends who share your passion for running and get a jump start on the cross country season!
  • Anonymous
    Great mix of motivation, education, fun and great running.

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