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Upcoming Sessions

2012-06-28 - 2012-07-18 2012 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 1
2012-07-09 - 2012-07-09 2012 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 2
2013-06-23 - 2013-08-03 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 6
2013-06-30 - 2013-07-20 Team Prep USA / Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 1
2013-06-30 - 2013-07-09 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 2
2013-07-05 - 2013-07-09 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 4
2013-07-10 - 2013-07-14 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 5
2013-07-10 - 2013-07-20 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 3
2016-06-19 - 2016-07-30 2016 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp - Session 1
2017-06-18 - 2017-07-15 2017 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp
2017-06-25 - 2017-07-15 2017 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp
2017-06-25 - 2017-07-07 2017 Team Prep Usa Rocky Mountain Cross Country Camp
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The Team Prep USA camps and client program takes student-athlete’s running, academic, and professional careers to the next level by harnessing knowledge from our diverse staff of coaches, college & professional athletes, and medical professionals, as well as career mentorships, internships, and volunteering with our vast alumni network. Team Prep USA student-athletes are hardened through adversity in an environment where hard work and structure set the course for long-term gratification and success.

Team Prep USA was established in 2004 and has since been "Developing Champions out of Thin Air." The Team Prep USA structure gives students the tools, confidence, and support to crush their goals, whether athletic or academic. Team Prep USA Alumni span across the globe, and include doctors, Rhodes Scholars, lawyers, firemen, computer engineers, Olympic medalists, Footlocker champions, state-champions, and more. At Team Prep USA, there are no participation medals. You work hard, play hard, and effort does not go unnoticed.

  • Is there a performance / time requirement? - No. We accept athletes of all abilities, ages 11 through high school senior. There will always be a group to run with!
  • I have registered and paid my Registration Deposit, how do I make my final camp payments? - Find your Registration Deposit Confirmation email with the subject "Team Prep USA - Registration Deposit Confirmation - RMXC 2018" from "" In that email will be a link to make the remainder of your camp payment. If you can't find it, email and we'll be happy to help.
  • When is the registration/final payment deadline? - June 10, 2018
  • What needs to be to Team Prep USA by June 10? - Final payment, Medical Clearance, Release Waiver, and Travel itinerary. Visit our Camp Forms page for more information.
  • Do I need to submit new forms every year? - Medical Clearance & Waiver forms need to be returned every year. Letters of Recommendation only need to be submitted one time.
  • Letters of Recommendation - If this is your first summer with Team Prep USA, 3 letters of recommendation are required. These Letters of Recommendation/Character can be written by any role model in the campers life, including coaches, teachers, neighbors, employers, etc. 
  • Camp Acceptance - Once Team Prep USA has received and reviewed 1) camp deposit/full payment, 2) medical clearance, and 3) Letters of Recommendation (if applicable),  we will follow up with an official acceptance email to parents and campers within one week.
  • Where should forms/payments/references be mailed/made out to? - Forms & References may be submitted online on our Camp Forms page, via email to, or mailed to Team Prep USA at:
              Team Prep USA, LLC
              PO Box 1351
              Crested Butte, CO, 81224

    Payments may also be mailed by check to the same address above, or by credit card/PayPal online during Camp Registration. Additional items (Montrose Airport Shuttles & Linens) may also be purchased during registration and/or final payment, or separately at our Additional Items page.
  • Check-in / Check-out - Check-in/check-out is 11am on the day your camp session begins and ends. It is best to book travel well in advance as options tend to become limited the closer camp gets. We understand there are a limited number of flights per day, and will accommodate to make sure your camper is picked up and dropped off safely. Please submit your Travel Itinerary as soon as possible so that we can plan our logistics accordingly. More travel information can be found on the Travel Info page.
  • What is the cost for shuttle pick up/drop off? -  Gunnison regional airport=(free). Montrose regional airport=($50 each way per camper). You may purchase Montrose transport here, or send check to Team Prep USA (address at bottom of page).
  • What is the cost for linens and what does it include?  - $10, includes sheet, pillow case, light blanket, hand towel, bath towel. Another option would be to bring your own blankets or sleeping bag. You may purchase linens here, or send check to Team Prep USA (address at bottom of page)
  • Are there laundry units available? - Yes, there are coin operated washers and dryers available.
  • Can graduated seniors attend camp? - YES!
  • Are there age restrictions for camp? - Camp accepts ages 12-18 (or graduated seniors)
  • What about dinner on July 4th? - Please send your runner with a little money as we will celebrate July 4th in Crested Butte with fireworks and activities.
  • Is information repeated during camp sessions? - No, camp is set up as a 20 night camp with shorter segments available. Information is different everyday. ​
  • Is there a recommended camp pack list?
    Water Bottle
    Running Shorts
    Plenty of socks
    Running Shirts
    Running shorts
    Sweatshirt, warm clothing (it can get cold, especially at night)
    Light running jacket
    2 pair of running shoes
    Sunscreen, chapstick, hat
    Bedding (if not receiving the linen package)
    Jeans/ "regular" clothing (not required)
    Notebook & Pen
    Towel for icing after runs
    *Coin-operated laundry units are available
  • Is there a mailing address for Summer Camp?
    Team Prep USA
    Attn: Camper Name
    Western State Colorado University
    C/O Conference Services
    600 N Adams St
    ​Gunnison, CO, 81231

Reviews & Comments

  • cnjrenegade 2017-11-28
    I was a part of this camp for 4 years, and between 4 years I went to a total of 8 camps between winter and summer camps. It is one of the best experiences you will ever have, and not only in running, but with the connections you make. I can personally tell you I made more lifetime friends from this camp than I could have ever imagined. Trent is one of the best coaches that you will ever be able to work with, as he is very passionate about what he does. I recommend anyone who wants to really see an improvement in their running performance as well as an improvement as you as a person to attend these camps.
  • kendyl 2017-08-01 No rating
    I highly recommend this camp for anyone who is passionate about running. My daughter went to Team Prep camp for ten days this past summer. The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. My daughter made a lot of friends and learned so much about running and success in life. She had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of the camp.
  • LARoach 2017-07-23
    What a great experience. This camp does so much more than just run it allows you to really look and learn about yourself as a runner, student, and as a person. My daughter has made life long friendships and a network of some really amazing people. I am not sure I'll get my daughter to come home and she can't wait to go again next year. This was definitely top notch training, learning and an experience of a lifetime. It was lots of hard work and lots of fun times. She can't stop talking about everything she learned and the friends she made.
  • Grylars1 2017-07-20
    Such a great camp, I had the best experience of my life and learned so much both about myself as a person and as a runner! Everyone is so nice and inviting and I have met some friends that I think I may have for my whole life!
  • dannahjavens 2017-07-20
    I attended this camp for 8 days in July of 2017 & I am beyond pleased with not only the training I recieved from Trent, but also the positive environment, information I learned, and people I met. Everyone was so passionate about running, and to be around people like that all day, every day for 8 days motivated me! Although I was only at TP for 8 days, I can already see the effect it has on my running, attitude, and life habits. This camp is more than just a running camp! You learn things that help better your health, aid to a positive/motivated mindset, & crucial habits that can be applied to your everyday life. I have met friends here that will last a longtime, and have met amazing athletes that have impacted my running career. Trent was always motivated, and there was not one thing he said that was unuseful. He was always there on the runs motivating the runners. Not only this, but he took the time to talk to you and get to know you as both a person & a runner. I am beyond excited to see the benefits of camp this XC season... I also am already excited for next summer & hopefully Winter Camp! Thank you so much TP USA staff & Trent!
  • jrothman 2017-06-01
    It has been many years since I attended the Team Prep USA camp in Crested Butte. Trent (Coach Sanderson) had taken the time to personally coach me as an eighth grader, and by the summer after ninth grade I was persuaded to give the full summer camp a try–and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I went back to camp each summer for the rest of high school because Trent's energy and passion for the sport, and more importantly, for the success of his campers and clients is infectious; more than give me the tools and the perspective requisite to excel in distance running, Team Prep believed in my ability to believe in myself. Coach Sanderson truly understands how just a little inspiration can change someone's life. As I start to navigate life post-college, I continue to reflect on what I learned at Team Prep, and will always regard camp as when I first felt a true sense of direction. I cannot recommend this camp highly enough to any students or parents of students, regardless of ability...the only requirement is a strong work ethic and the ability to dream big!
  • jupiter 2017-05-20
    Great camp with an amazing outlook on how to achieve success in both running and life. The staff are energetic and keep the camp fun during even the toughest workouts. By the end of the camp you will have had a wonderful summer and will take home skills and knowledge to be the best you can be.
  • ricksonneborn 2016-05-02
    Our daughter began running track as a freshman in high school. By the end of the first year we realized she had great interest and natural ability in this sport, but we had very little experience in this area. By a fortunate circumstance we discovered Team Prep Training Camp headed by Trent Sanderson. Little did we know at the time it would be a life-changing experience for our daughter. Not only did her running performance improve tremendously, but it went way beyond that. Trent brings together a magnificent group of coaches, dietitians, academic counselors, and collegiate runners who all work directly with the campers. This collaborative effort has a very positive and beneficial influence on the athletes. Coach Sanderson is able to teach a philosophy and a skill set to the students including goal setting, discipline, commitment, enthusiasm and skills that are useful now and in the future. To any parent who wants to see their child develop in the best way possible in all areas of their life, I would strongly recommend that they consider sending their son or daughter to this camp. The running program that they experience there is world-class. But, as I said before this camp goes way beyond that, your son or daughter will return from this camp with a much better understanding of hard work, discipline and enthusiasm. They will return from this camp more mature and with a deeper understanding of other people and themselves.
  • dghassett 2016-05-01
    Attending Team Prep is a guaranteed life-changing experience for high school runners of every level. Trent and his staff embrace the motto of "work hard, play hard", and truly commit to providing every camper with an unforgettable experience. As a camper for 3 years, I feel confident saying that this camp offers perks that you can't find anywhere else. Trent has an unmatched ability to motivate, and he is sure to create a positive environment where everyone can train according to their own level of running. Every athlete will leave camp with new training techniques, racing strategies, inspiration, life goals, and a supportive Team Prep network of fellow runners that stretches around the world. This camp, its people, and the location all add up to a runner's paradise!
  • BDircksen 2016-04-30
    Team Prep is a great opportunity for high school athletes to develop their running skills and to grow as maturing young adults. It's a camp driven by passion, and athletes leave knowing more about themselves and motivated for the upcoming seasons. They've got a great staff and cover the areas of nutrition, goal planning, race strategy, running technique, injury prevention & rehab, life-skills, and many more. Team Prep set me up to achieve my running goals at the D1 level, as well as gave me the tools to achieve the goals through my professional career. Also - can't ask for a more beautiful place to run; CB is the best!
  • run3205 2016-04-29
    By far the best camp you can be a part of. This camp teaches you valuable lessons that will not only benefit your running but will impact your whole life. You make lasting friendships and connections at this camp. It is also in a wonderful town with views and trails you never imagine you would see/run on. The staff is great and wants to build life long connections with the runners.
  • phb1 2016-04-28
    Hands down one of the very best camp experiences that my athletes ever participated. Between the world-class coaching and Olympian visitors and of course the amazing beauty of the Colorado mountains in Crested Butte, this camp makes a significant difference. I've had nearly a dozen athletes attend and they always return an improved runner, both physically and mentally. Coach Sanderson attracts only the highest quality counsellors, all with amazing running resumes, that spend one-on-one time helping each camper be the very best that they can become. Much is required from each athlete, but the gains are incredible. HIGHLY recommend if you are on the fence.
  • mikulaax 2013-05-05 No rating
    Allison and Brent Mikula Our son Evan, has been coached on and off since his freshman year with Trent and his team. It has been the most beneficial aspect of his development , not only as a runner, but as a person. Trent teaches you that hard work is the only way to succed, He teaches you to develop goals and gives you tools to help achieve them. Our son has been to several of his winter camps in Tampa but never his summer camp ( unfortunately!) as he approaches his last year in high school he hopes to run in college at some level and he knows if he keeps working toward that goal he will achieve.He is an excellent student acedemically and Trent encourages the kids to succeed in all aspects of their life. (Through hard work!) We highly recommend any parent of a runner to introduce your child to Trent, and his Team prep team.
  • noahgade 2013-04-14
  • noahgade 2013-04-14 Expired Rating
  • rjl930 2013-04-11
    Forgot to rate it 5 stars!!
  • rjl930 2013-04-11 No rating
    My daughter spent two summers with Trent and Team Prep. It changed her life. Trent is an awesome teacher and really gets the kids to respond. He has tremendous experience and outstanding results. Not only did my daughter's running greatly improve but her attitude towards school, teachers and my wife and me really matured. Trent uses the entire day to instruct the kids both on the trails and in classrooms where they learn about nutrition, conditioning, injury prevention, why their studies in school are so important and his greatest skill is motivation. My daughter stated she never worked so hard and had so much fun doing it. Their fun activities she will remember forever along with the great network of runners from the camp she continues to communicate with even today. I would recommend Trent and Team Prep without any hesitation.
  • randyschmalzle 2013-04-10
    Team Prep provided my son with an experience of a life time. He spent 3 summers with Trent, after each experience he came home wanting more!! The life skills and friends from all over the country will live with him forever. Team Prep creates an environment of fun, learning and definitely hard works; Corey came back enthusiastic and excited to train and succeed. We visited the camp while in session and can testify that the kids are well cared for and motivated to succeed not only athletically but also academically. To train in one of the most beautiful places on earth is an incredible opportunity and to top that with a staff that truly cares about them is truly amazing.
  • Erin Kelly
  • Anonymous
    Highly recommend Trent's camps! My daughter attended CO camp, and it was a springboard to a highly successful Sr season. The altitude training, great information/tips, and awesome views are hard to beat. My biggest fear was that she wouldn't want to leave.
  • Laurie Seymour
    My daughter walked away from this camp not only a much stronger runner but a better person. Coach Sanderson and his staff teach them skills that will not only help them with their running but skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. She learned that mental toughness is a key component to everything you do in life. Hard work, dedication and perseverance will always lead you down the path to your ultimate goal. She came home from camp with little sayings and a notebook full of knowledge and a new group of friends who shared the same passion for running as she. Almost a year later and those little saying still get quoted and pages from the notebook are posted on her wall to help her with her training. The camp allowed her to train with an experienced and knowledgeable staff alongside some of the top runners from all over the nation. It continues to help her find her maximum potential and work towards achieving her goals.
  • Anonymous
    This camp is an opportunity for kids to learn how hard they have to work in order to achieve their goals. We had small group meetings where we worked on making realistic and positive goals and determining which steps we needed to take in order to achieve these goals. Trent Sanderson is an awesome coach and inspirational speaker. His passion for the kids to not only do well in running but in life is the driving force behind the camp. He has directed and made this camp an amazing opportunity for kids to come out experience the rocky mountains and the amazing running that is there. It is a lot of fun and you
  • Karl Logan
    Trent and his staff are the most dedicated coaches. This camp totally created the atmoshrere and understanding of both the physical and mental aspects that my daughter was able to apply and help he with her high school running and now as a member of the University of Colorado cross country and track team. Trent is a lifetime mentor and role model that I am so thankful my daughter has had a chance to associate herself with. I highly recommend this camp. You will not be disappointed. The best in the country.
  • TKO
    My daughter attended the summer camp several years ago in the summer of her 7th grade. It was a life changing experience for her and my family. She is now a successful distance runner in a D1college program on, a full scholarship and has set several school records. I credit much of her success to Trent for his training and encouragement. This is a first class camp.
  • Andy & Diane Krieg (DeBeque, CO)
    Our daughter was originally hesitant about going to a running camp for 20 days. She made the commitment to go and it changed not only her running but her outlook on life. This camp not only trains athletes how to run ? it trains them how to live. She came back stronger and more dedicated than ever to her running. She built long-lasting friendships with kids who have similar interests and goals in their lives. Coach Sanderson and his team are incredible. They find out just what these athletes are capable of in their sport and in their lives. It?s not all about running?they had a ton of fun! Bringing kids together from across the country to learn and experience the different types of lifestyles enabled our daughter to see herself running at the college level anywhere in the country. Not every runner is at the Division I level however, if Team Prep USA sees that potential, this camp will reveal it.

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