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  • Bella101802 2015-04-09 Expired Rating
    I went to the middle school track camp for two years. The first year was great but the second year I had two counselors who treated me horrible. I was only in the 5th grade so I did not know why this older boy and his girlfriend also a counselor kept making fun of me. It was really bad and now that I am older I realize that nobody should treat anyone like that. My mom asked if I wanted to go back and it was so bad that I still do not wish to return. It is a pretty location but that isn't enough if someone is treating some kids badly.
  • Sam Seekins
    The camp is indeed run "old style" with some nice cabins and a great waterfront. The instructors are more than just running partners and are a lot of fun. Good trails on the peninsula, even more across the road outside the camp.
  • Dan Palken
    The camp is very well run, and great prep for high school or college running, as mileage can be whatever you want it to be for the week, with endless opportunities to cross train. The food is quite good, and the whole place has a very natural, rustic feel.
  • Chase Brown
    The old-school way is the best! The people are fun and its a great way to make new friends.
  • Nora Nalepka
    The location is ideal. It is in the middle of a beautiful lake surrounded by woods. The body work outs really helped improve form and endurance and I got to meet great new friends.

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