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2013-07-07 - 2013-07-12 Smoky Mountain Running Camp
2013-07-14 - 2013-07-19 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 2
2013-07-21 - 2013-07-26 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 3
2015-07-05 - 2015-07-10 2015 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 1
2015-07-12 - 2015-07-17 2015 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 2
2015-07-19 - 2015-07-24 2015 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 3
2016-07-03 - 2016-07-08 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 1
2016-07-03 - 2016-07-08 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 1
2016-07-10 - 2016-07-15 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 2
2016-07-10 - 2016-07-15 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 2
2016-07-17 - 2016-07-22 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 3
2016-07-17 - 2016-07-22 2016 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session 3
2017-07-02 - 2017-07-07 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session I
2017-07-02 - 2017-07-07 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Middle School - Entering Grades 6-
2017-07-02 - 2017-07-07 Nike Smoky Mountain Coaches Workshop
2017-07-09 - 2017-07-14 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session II
2017-07-16 - 2017-07-21 Smoky Mountain Running Camp - Session III
2018-07-01 - 2018-07-06 2018 Smoky Mountain Running Camp
2018-07-08 - 2018-07-13 2018 Smoky Mountain Running Camp
2018-07-15 - 2018-07-20 2018 Smoky Mountain Running Camp
Located at the University of North Carolina- Asheville, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, the camp is one of the oldest in the country.  Campers stay in air conditioned dorms, in suite style living accommodations- two bedrooms/one bath with living room.  Four runners per suite.  Microwave and refrigerator are available in each suite.  

Unmatched summer training and top quality coaching define the Smoky Mountain Running Camp. Immerse yourself in running, new friends and fun evening activities for a week or two or three! 

Reviews & Comments

  • nikerunningcamps 2015-12-21
    I wanted to write about my daughter's experience this summer (Week 1) at UNCA. To begin my daughter plays 3 varsity sports and has for her 2 years in high school. She does CC, Soccer,Track. Both her individual and team scores have qualified her for the regional levels. So, that's her background coming in to the camp. She is trying to decide if she wants to pursue a college career in running or soccer so hearing about your camp I thought this would be a great test to see if running was the direction she wanted to take. We live in central FL, so I drove up to see the campus and the camp setting. Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly and helpful staffers. My daughter did not know anyone at the camp, but was made to feel at ease. That night she texted me and told me she had met some friends and was having a great time. I have to tell you she has been home 2 weeks and still is talking about the camp. She started full practice for CC on Monday and said her love and joy for running is back. She felt she was in a slump last season and being with people at your camp that shared her love for running (not just running because they were in off season for another sport) inspired her and got her back on track. Her coach is so impressed with her already and I truly feel your camp made all the difference. She loved the groupings and felt that she was in a group that was her level yet challenged her. The break out sessions were very informative and "Mom ...did you know it really makes a difference to eat before you run to give your body energy?"...Wow....really....don't think I've ever told her that!!!! The different team building activities were fun and really gave the runners a lot of fun and memories. I certainly cannot say enough about your camp.... from the training, staff, food, and experience it was fantastic. I am so glad to see the spark back in my daughters eyes, and the friendships she made with runners from around the country. They are all in group chats, talking about the upcoming seasons for their schools, and encouraging greatness. My daughter told me the 2nd night she was at camp that she wants to come back next year, and today said she will be saying her babysitting money so she can actually stay for 2 weeks. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
  • nikerunningcamps 2015-12-17 Expired Rating
    I have had the privilege to have been a part of the SMRC family from the summer before my sophomore year to this past summer, before my senior year. The morning and afternoon runs, breakouts, the AP class, the evening activities, and making everlasting friends with campers and staff, made me always count down the days until I returned to Asheville for camp. I really learned that it wasn't just a camp, it was a family.
  • nikerunningcamps 2015-12-17 Expired Rating
    I have attended Nike SMRC the past three summers, and I can definitely say I have had some of the best times of my life when I have been at camp. I love camp more than any place in the world, and I would love to be able to be a JCIT this next summer. Running has been my passion ever since I started my freshman year, and I am planning on pursuing it at a collegiate level. I have been able to call this great place my home for the past 3 years.
  • Bella101802 2015-09-27
    I would have given this camp 5 stars but I went to Brevard after and realized that after Brevard I had to give Nike only 3. While nike has better food :) I got sick of running the same few trails. Brevard showed me they have so many different trails to choose from why did we run the same few ones day after day?
  • nikerunningcamps 2013-04-12 Expired Rating
    SMRC was a great experience. The trail running was challenging, but lots of fun. The staff was great and taught me a lot about form and pacing. They are amazing at teaching people how to become a better runner, they know how to have fun and make camp enjoyable, but also are serious about running. I loved all the activities at night and all the breakouts and morning lectures! I can't wait to go back next year.
  • nikerunningcamps 2013-04-11 Expired Rating
    I would really recommend this camp for any dedicated runner! My daughter has enjoyed her time at camp for all the years she has been coming. She has given tips that she learned from camp to all of her coaches. She has had excellent seasons of XC and track after camp each year. I could not ask for a better camp to send my daughter to. Thank you Nike for putting your name on a great camp and to all of the staff that have been involved for these past two years. We are already looking forward to next year.
  • BartoSmith 2013-04-05
    As an athlete in the mid 90's this camp may be most responsible for the progress I made as an athlete. I am extremely proud to be a part of the program after being an attendee and have brought athletes of my own to have the same great experience that I had.
  • Sophie
    I had such a great experience at Smoky Mountain Running Camp. All of the coaches and counselors were extremely knowledgeable and willing to take the time to talk to any camper and help them improve. I also enjoyed meeting runners and making new friends from all over the country. This was one of my favorite weeks of the summer!
  • Lynn
    Nike running camp was so much and I did not want to go home. I was always excited to go out for the morning run. The camp made me stronger and I brought home a lot of good advice on my form, training techniques and strategies. I love this running camp!
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