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About Warrior Running Camps

Warrior Running Camps began in 2006 with an idea to make a "Summer Camp for Runners."  With this idea, camp focus was to train hard first - then have FUN with activities that you would expect to find at summer camp.  As we have progressed through each year, we have made changes that have made us better, taken away ideas that don't work and added other locations with awesome coaches and partnerships.  

Warrior Running Camps has had tremendous growth over the past six years, going from 70 participants in Florida at Webber International University in 2006 to over 650 total participants in 2011 between the Florida running camp at Webber, Georgia running Camp at Berry College and the North Carolina / Georgia Running Camp at Young Harris College. 

Why attend a "Warrior Running Camp"?

Warrior Running Camps is an opportunity to train with other runners.  We provide safe running environments on great trails and clay & dirt roads.  What seperates us from all other running camps is our camp structure.  We implement different games and activites to make it the RIDICULOUSLY FUN RUNNING WEEK OF YOUR ENTIRE SUMMER.   After you attend once, you will be coming back year after year.  We have the best coaches, great running locations and tons of fun.  How can you go wrong with a Warrior Running Camp?

Reviews & Comments

  • andrew_stivers 2014-12-14
  • alancastilleja 2013-01-01
    This camp is pretty legit. I loved it. I only went once but i met some of the best people and my counselor was a boss. Matt Cleaver, im talking about you! Go dawgs. Also, I was top 10 at the graduation run so that has to mean something about how the camp is great!
  • jason 2012-10-17
    Rick does a great job!

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